The Minister of Oil and Minerals offers condolences for the death of the deceased, Dr. Abdullah Al-Khulaki

March 1, 2021
Oil media
The Minister of Oil and Minerals, Mr. Abdul Salam Baaboud, raised his sincere condolences and sympathy on the death of the late God Almighty, the academic, political and social figure, Dr. Abdullah Al-Khulaki, the former Secretary General of the University of Hadhramaut, Head of the Political Department of the General People’s Congress Branch in Hadramout Governorate, and the Head of the General People’s Congress Branch at the University of Hadhramout.

Minister Baaboud praised the deceased’s virtues and patriotic contributions to the service of the governorate in particular and the country in general, his distinguished relations with various segments of society, his prominent academic and educational role at the University of Hadhramaut, his prominent role in the General People’s Congress Party and the stance of patriotism that preceded his standing with the homeland and its leadership and rejection of projects Sabotage and destruction and his continuous support for the wise leadership represented by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi … expressing that the death of the deceased is a great loss to the homeland.
Minister Baaboud extended his sincere condolences and condolences to all of the deceased’s family, colleagues and loved ones.
He asks the Almighty to grant the deceased the mercy and forgiveness, and to dwell in his spaciousness, and to inspire his family and his family with patience and solace.