Geological maps

Geological maps

The Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority has worked to cover the Republic of Yemen with a variety of specialized maps.

The map keys ( Maps indices ) can be reviewed for some of the basic maps available by types and drawing scales as follows:

Models for produced maps

Central Laboratories

The central laboratories were established in 1982 with the assistance and support of the German government for the purpose of supporting the Authority’s projects for the analysis of rock and mineral samples. During the previous period, the Central Laboratories have contributed in supporting the national economy as it was the first and most modern in Yemen to invest in the construction of cement factories as well as in the field of minerals and precious stones. Number of units.

The Central Laboratories are considered one of the most important departments in the Authority as they are concerned with conducting various sedimentary and chemical analyzes to evaluate the different types of rocks and minerals in terms of mineral and chemical composition and knowing the suitability of these rocks and minerals in various industries and others for the purpose of economic development and shelving the infrastructure of the country. .

The Central Laboratories shall:

1 – Preparation of rock slats thin and polished and granular.
2- Conducting geochemical analyzes, which include analysis of common elements and archaeological elements using atomic spectrum devices and analysis of ultraviolet radiation and X-ray XRF.
3- Analysis of radioactive elements in rocks and ores by X-ray machine and mass spectrometer
4- Petrographic study of rocks and minerals.
5- Conducting some tests related to environmental safety.
6- Analysis of hydrocarbons from C1- C35 by GC.

Sections of labs
1- Department of preparing samples
2- Chemical analysis department.
3. Department of Radioactive Materials.
4- Department of Minerals.
5- Department of Environment.
1- New Analysis Request Form.
2- Sample reception form.