The Minister of Oil and Minerals discusses the program of the technical committee to establish the College of Minerals and Mining

Mr. Abdul Salam Baaboud, Minister of Oil and Minerals, discussed with the technical committee in charge of preparing the scientific vision for the Mining College.

The technical committee headed by Dr. Rashid Barbaa, a member of the Shura Council – the former Minister of Oil and Minerals, is working on preparing a curriculum for the College of Minerals to be established under the supervision of the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority.

The Minister of Oil and Minerals praised the efforts made to establish the College of Minerals as a project that is the first of its kind in the scientific and academic field in Yemen, to form a tributary to the mineral sector and to contribute to the exploitation of the Yemeni geological wealth, since this field is promising and is the most important tributary of development and the economy in the future.

Baaboud stressed the importance of the work and the responsibility of the Technical Committee to complete the project of the College of Mining, as the qualification of human resources and the creation of specializations and technical skills in the field of mining that have the ability to make a difference and meet the needs and requirements of the labor market will have a great impact on development and the economy in general.
He said that the Ministry undertakes this project full support and care, as it will contribute to supporting and encouraging specialized scientific and academic studies.
Adding: The development of human resources is the basis of development and its first condition .. because the human being is the most valuable wealth that the homeland possesses.

In the meeting, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals, Dr. Saeed Al-Shamasi, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Tamimi, and Eng. Salah Ahmad Babhair,

Dr. Rashid Barbaa explained that the tasks of the committee are currently devoted to establishing a college of minerals to serve the mineral sector, which is a vital sector that will constitute a sustainable developmental transformation of the national economy.
He said that the establishment of this scientific edifice will serve all the people of the nation .. With the establishment of the College of Minerals, the missing link for the development of metallurgy and mining will be completed, which acquires great importance for the transfer of human energies after qualifying in this field qualitative and professional qualification to transfer young people after qualifying them and providing them with professional and specialized skills and capabilities to sites the work.
Barbaa said that studying minerals and mining, which Yemeni universities lack, can strive to develop and raise the efficiency of the level of education and its outputs in the field of minerals.

For his part, Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Yamani, Chairman of the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority, reviewed the practical program that the technical committee is implementing to describe the remaining courses for the members of the committee .. He pointed out the importance of the scientific shift that will contribute to raising the efficiency of training and qualification and providing the labor market with qualified outputs capable of meeting the requirements of the sector Minerals.