The Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals and the Deputy Minister of Industry reassure the health of the artist, Naif Awad

2 March 2021 / Aden
Oil media
The Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals, Dr. Saeed Suleiman Al-Shamasi, and the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mr. Salem Salman Al-Wali, reassured the artist, Naif Awad.
Al-Shammasi and Al-Wali wished the artist Naif Awad a speedy recovery after exchanging talks with him for a short period of time in consideration of his health condition.

Deputy Minister Al-Shamasy, artist Naif Awad, said one of the artists who, as officials, cannot be ignored, given what they presented to the artistic field in Yemen, “in addition to that he is functionally affiliated with the Aden Refineries Company, which is one of the units of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals.
The Deputy Minister Al-Shamasy pointed to the position that the artist Naif Awad occupies in society, which he has all the love and appreciation for.
The artist, Naif Awad, expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for this visit, which reflects the government’s and political leadership’s keenness on caring for creative people. 2