An oil source denies the news circulating about preventing the deputy oil minister from entering the Aden Refineries Company

Oil media
An oil source denied the validity of the news circulating about the security belt forces preventing the Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals, acting executive director of Aden Refinery, from entering the company.
The oil source said, “to Aden Al-Ghad” that the news is false .. noting that the deputy oil minister is present at the ministry and the refineries have not gone since last Wednesday because of his association with other work and meetings in the ministry’s general office.

The source called on the media to verify credibility, extract information from its sources, and return to the Ministry before publishing such misleading news to the public opinion.
The source emphasized that the Ministry of Oil maintains good relations with all parties inside Aden and is working to translate the government’s directives aimed at improving living conditions, securing services and achieving the public interest.