The Minister of Oil and Minerals forms a fact-finding committee to Investigate the Causes Behind the Fire in the Aden Refinery Company’s fuel tanks.

Aden- Adeeb Algialani:

Mr. Awas Abdullah Alawad, the Oil and Minerals Minister, issued a ministerial decision for forming a fact-finding committee. The Committee shall be assigned to look into and investigate the circumstances surrounding and causes behind the fire in the fuel tanks of Aden Refinery Company in Aden the interim capital.

The First Article of the Decision stipulates that a committee shall be formed and chaired by Dr. Saeed Suleiman Al-Shamasi, Vice Oil and Minerals Minister and shall have the following members: Mr. Tareq Abdullah Mansour, Commercial Director of Yemen Oil Company; Mr. Mohieddin Al-Shatheli, Director of Petro Masila Operations; Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Sultan, Director of SAFER Company Security and Safety Deparmtne; Mr. Bassel Al-Kazmi, Director of the Legal Department, Yemen Oil Company; and Badr Saeed Al-Jamhi, Head of the Yemen Oil Company’s Safety and Security Department, Aden branch.

Article (2) of the Decision stipulates that the Committee shall be committed to carry out its assignments in terms of identifying and discovering the causes of the fire in the tanks of the Aden Refinery Company, which occurred on 11/1/2019. It shall also be responsible for identify and determine the type of measures taken by the Aden Refinery Company in this regard. It shall also look into and investigate the security and safety measures followed by Aden Refinery Company along with determining the security and safety systems used to monitor and protect its facilities. Article (3) of the Decision states that the Committee shall forward a detailed report with a period of one week from date, supported by the results achieved, required proposals and necessary recommendations in this regard.

Article (4) of Decision gives the Committee the right and authority to obtain any assistance from specialists and technicians in order to accomplish their entrusted assignments and tasks. Article (5) states that the Decision shall be applicable from the date of its issuance and that all respective entities must be given copies thereto for implementation.