Oil and Minerals Vice Minister

Dr. Saeed Suleiman Al-Shamasi
Oil and Minerals Vice Minister

I am extremely glad welcome all the visitors and surfers of the MOM website. This website intends to be Yemen’s window displaying and showing open investment opportunities oil and minerals and related services in the Republic of Yemen.
It is a platform for revealing all the advantages and facilities that the Ministry provides to national and internationalcompanies. All of that is based on the stipulation of the Investment Law and the conditions and provisions of the fourth generation of the oil agreementdrafted mainly to grant encouraging and great incentives and facilities to companies.

This website incorporates major information about the Ministry of Oil and Minerals. It will be constantly and immediately updated upon the occurrence of any developments and news events. This is in order to keep our readers abreast of all oil and minerals news and make all relevant information and data available to researchers and other interested parties.

Oil and geological maps have been uploaded to the site for the sake of making interested companies aware of the open oil blocks and available investment opportunities in minerals and relevant services, ensuring that Yemen has a promising future in these fields.

Moreover, via this window, all data pertaining to the oil sector will be posted in a completely transparent manner. Actually, this would be followed as the website’s approach and practical policy.

Due to the importance of having an integrated source of information, the website has links to units, entities, and companies affiliated to the Ministry and operating in this field. This is in order to serve the companies, activate all sorts of businesses and push forward Yemen’s development in this regard.

As information and data are available, any visitor would be able to known the type of services and opportunities provided. These services go in line with the efforts exerted by the government to accomplish stability in the country and better the investment environment. For sure, this would help in re-shaping the positive image of Yemen, attracting companies, encouraging the flow of capitals to invest in Yemen.

Along with being a source for collecting and disseminating data and information in the future, the website would be updated in order to offer e-services and be a dynamic and interactive agent between the Ministry and the public. It would be a true and genuine service provider to all surfers and  browsers wherever they are, ensuring easy flow and browsing of information through one single window.

Once again, we would like to extend our warm welcomes to all of you. We also would like to stress that the website would be constantly updated and developed in order to activate communication and contact with investors in such a way that common interest of the Ministry and investors are maintained and obtained.

Together we can bring about change