Investment opportunities in minerals and industrial rocks

Yemen is featured by having large quantities of industrial rocks and minerals with high quality. Most of which are located in populated areas, having the infrastructure to simplify and facilitate any investments and exploitation of such resources. Among these minerals and rocks are limestone; gypsum; perlite; pumice; Halite (rock salt); industrial sands; silica; Scoria; Zeolite; Feldspar; Quartz; and silica sand. More importantly, Yemen is characterized by possessing large amounts of construction and decoration rocks of high specifications. These include granite, gabro, marble, basalt, tuff and Ignimbrite. Given the geological studies carried out in this field, there are a lot of open investment opportunities in the field of minerals and industrial rocks in a number of areas in Yemen. Investments could be done in areas such as cement and glass. Other fields include  ceramicsand gypsum production as well as wool manufacturing. Along with chemical industries, the production of salt and construction and decoration rocks is also a competitive investment arena.