Industrial Minerals in Yemen

There are many industrial minerals and rocks in Yemen in large quantities and good qualities, and most of these materials are located in qualified areas with the necessary infrastructure and facilities, which facilitates the process of investment and exploitation of these materials and reduce the cost. The exploratory work carried out by the Yemeni Geological Survey in cooperation with Foreign missions to locate many of these sites such as limestone, gypsum, perlite, pumice, rock salt, industrial elastomers, silica sandstone, iscuria, zeolite, feldspar, quartz, silica sand. In addition, Yemen is characterized by a wide variety of building stones and decorations with high specifications such as granite, Gabro, marble, basalt, tuff and ingenimbrite.

Industrial Metal Distribution Map 2009

Industrial minerals discovered in Yemen
Natural Zeolite.
2 – pure limestone.
3 – rock salt
4- Gypsum
5- Biomies
Heavy metals
7. Feldspar
8. Pure sandstone and quartz
9 – Ascoria
10. Basalt
11. Industrial satellites



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