Vision and Mission

Vision: The Ministry’s future vision focuses on the followings:

Expanding oil exploration activities in open offshore, inshore and border blocks; seeking possible means to improve oil production by making exploratory blocks develop to the production stage in the mid and long run;  Developing production fields in order to increase oil and gas reserves in place and guarantee their sustainable production in the long run; Exploiting natural gas reserves of commercial benefit via enhancing and strengthening the gas exportation and development project at the beginning of 2009; Using locally some gas quantities at the beginning for producing electric power; Establishing gas liquefying plants and producing LPG to meet the increasing demand of the local market;  Constructing strategic gas storage tanks in order to encounter any gas bottlenecks in the local market; Working on raising refining capacities through developing and expanding existing refineries and encouraging the construction of new ones to meet the local demand of oil derivatives & gas;  Expanding strategic storage of oil derivatives to face any emergency or crisis, constructing petrochemical industries in order to locally make raw materials available; Exerting more effort to develop and improve the minerals sector and carrying out promotion programs geared for attracting investment and exploiting investment opportunities in this virgin and vital sector; Doing feasibility studies and drafting various maps with the aim to make use of Yemen’s national wealth and riches in various industrial activities and in exporting its constructional and industrial materials and products to various world countries including neighboring states. This is for Yemeni raw materials have very unique and technical properties of high quality. If so, this would increase the sector’s contribution and share in Yemen’s Gross National Product (GNP), which is below 1% out of the whole country’s GNP.

Mission: The Ministry is committed to:

Explore and produce oil and its derivatives and different minerals; directly or indirectly develop and manage relevant explorations and activities; Make oil and mineral products available with competitive prices for consumers at the local and international markets. This is in order to meet current and future market needs; Use the latest appropriate technology, materials, technical means and knowledge for developing and improving the oil sector and its institutional and technological structure; this is in order for the sector to keep pace with any developments in the world’s oil markets, industry and related modern technology; and Implement the government’s socio-economic strategies and plans appertaining to this sector. 

Values: The Ministry emphasizes on implanting a number of organizational and institutional values. Most include the followings:

Bettering and developing the Ministry’s human resources and enhancing occupational teamwork at work and performance evaluation; Satisfying all clients and stakeholders benefiting from the Ministry’s services and products and immediately responding to their needs; Making its staff carry out their work and performing their tasks in a very honest, truthful and transparent manner; Supporting current leadership figures featured by creativity and giftedness; Encouraging its staff to show their leadership talents and virtuosities; Strengthening staff loyalty and the sense of belongingness to the Ministry; Preparing and training its staff and enabling them to exercise authority and feel responsible for their work; and Augmenting institutional work and limiting primitive and routine work and supporting the principle of  bureaucracy.