Oil Minister Speech

Dr. Saeed Suleiman Al-Shamasi
Minister of Oil and Minerals


“Together Towards Strategic Projects”


I pay tribute to all those visiting and/or following the official website of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals. I hope that this electronic window will be a significant platform, providing the public with a clear picture of all activities undertaken by the Ministry; the opportunities and services available in the area of petroleum and minerals that augur a promising future for Yemen; and learning about the key benefits and facilities the Ministry of Oil offers to domestic and foreign investors. Thus, information and data on the oil sector are made transparently accessible to everyone.

We know there are many challenges. However, the oil sector has the potential to overcome them through the will of its employees, relying on its creative cadres and units. We feel the burden of responsibility towards the trust that the political leadership, represented by President Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, the members of the Leadership Council, and Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik, has given us to run the ministry at this critical stage in our beloved homeland. It is a challenging task that requires the solidarity and support of all to move forward in enhancing job performance and improving government work in a way that serves the public interest and achieves development and advancement.

Based on the importance that the leadership and the government have given to the oil sector, specifically the national companies, we have faith that all members of society, stakeholders, and all pertinent authorities will work to overcome the challenges that have impeded the work of the Ministry in recent years. We plan to implement a fast track of development in the oil sector with strategic projects.

The challenges are significant, on top of which comes the task of doubling production in the oil fields and exploratory expansion, which is presently a key priority to replenish the national economy and stabilize the local market with derivatives. We keep discussing the development plans of the oil production companies, the studies conducted to increase production, the timelines for implementation in the near future, overcoming all security challenges, and investigating the problems that companies are currently facing and the most well-known solutions that have been put forth to address them. In addition, the task of marketing crude oil is important because it benefits the national economy by being an important tributary, underpinning the aspirations and hopes of the state and citizens. This will be achieved in tandem with the government’s efforts to consolidate stability and enhance the investment environment, thereby restoring the country’s positive and encouraging capital to invest in Yemen.

We have directed the development of strategic plans to finance projects and economic programs for the mineral sector. We have also directed that local banks should intervene to promote national investment in all sectors and optimize investment across the board.

The Ministry will make every attempt to double its efforts in order to assist in overcoming the problems of oil export and marketing in all national industries. Our motto for the next phase is “Let’s work together towards modern oil industry strategic projects and the expansion of business opportunities.”