Exploration sectors

Exploration Sectors:
The exploration work is currently being carried out in 25 exploration sectors by 13 international oil companies, concentrated in the following areas:
– 12 sectors in the basin (Messila – Sioun).
– 9 sectors in the basin (the seven and the stone).
– 3 sectors in the basin (space – moon).
– 1 sector in the basin (Mukalla – Sihout).
– 1 sector in the basin (Tihama).
– The number of sedimentary basins in Yemen 13 Rasubia basins spread over a large area of ​​Yemen confirms the geological information that it possesses oil potential for the number and the emergence of good indicators indicate the presence of the main elements needed for oil accumulation, as it has not been studied adequately.

– Excavated wells 1.851 wells dug since the beginning of exploration in Yemen.
· 429 exploration wells.
· 1,422 development wells.
– 55 international oil companies have carried out exploratory activities in 39 sectors since the beginning of exploration in Yemen