Yemen Gas Company (YGC)

Company Profile

The Yemen Gas Company is a 100% state-owned commercial governmental company established in
1993 under the name of the General Gas Corporation (GGC) and restructured in 1996 to become the
Yemen Gas Company (YGC) under the supervision of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals.

Within the framework of the national economy, the company focuses on providing distinguished
services to the private and public sectors in a way that secures the necessary investments to proceed
with the development of the industrial and commercial base for gas and gas-related projects such as
projects for power generation, fertilizers and petrochemicals.

The Yemen Gas Company plays an important and strategic role in the government's efforts to diversify
the country's economic resources by attracting international investment companies in the field of
exploration, production and export and urging the national capital to invest in infrastructure projects in
the field of transportation, storage, packaging and distribution.

In its general plan for gas, the company was keen to promote investment projects in a way that ensures
the diversity of gas products and the multiplicity of their uses, creating job opportunities, securing
future energy needs and protecting the environment through the use of natural gas and replacing it with
conventional fuels.

Safe handling of household gas cylinders
Household gas is one of the essential supplies for our daily life, and most of the places we are in daily
are not free from the presence of gas cylinders, which may cause many dangers inside the house, in the
event of their misuse and neglect of the measures required to prevent their dangers.. which puts our
lives and property at risk, as it causes suffocation. It is not suitable for breathing, and it causes
explosions and dangerous fires as it is a highly flammable substance, and that happens when it leaks and
is with the air a mixture that reaches the concentration of ignition or explosion, and it is sufficient for
the time to emit simple sparks for the occurrence of the danger.
Exposing gas cylinders and their connections to direct heat or sunlight leads to damage and corrosion of
the connecting hose on the one hand, and a rise in the temperature of the cylinder on the other